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We back up all our service and parts – whether it’s a simple battery replacement or an extensive screen replacement with a solid 30 day warranty. You can rest assured your device is in good hands with excellent after sale support.

Full Warranty

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So you’ve successfully cracked your iPhone screen or damaged another internal component and found a business locally here in Mississauga you trust to get it repaired. The question you may be asking yourself revolves around preparing your phone to be taken apart by a technician. Is there any risk of data loss, and what are the implications to your Apple warranty? We’ll cover that and more in today’s post so you can feel as comfortable as possible handing over your iPhone for repair.

For the most common issue you’ll likely encounter, a broken or cracked LCD screen, there is no need for any type of extra backup, but of course before you take it to your iPhone repair Mississauga professionals, check their website for full details. The entire front display has no interaction with the memory or hard drive on your phone which is located on the main logic board. If done correctly by a qualified Mississauga iPhone repair professional, this process should be fairly straight forward and realistically should not take more than one hour to complete. There are some instances where you will need to prepare your phone though, and this is the case if the repair business you take it to does testing on the screen after the repair has been completed. The touch screen function and microphone of your phone is best to be tested after installation to verify that everything is working fine, and in order for them to do this it’s bes to remove any lock codes you have enabled on your iPhone.

Of course, if you have any privacy concerns, this is totally optional, and you can always verify these functions work on your iPhone after your device has been fixed. This all comes down to selecting your iPhone repair options and making sure you avoid lack lustre, unprofessional businesses who may use shoddy parts.

You may also have to disable your lock screen if you are suffering from any software issues. We are getting a lot of inquiries from people having their WiFi signal grayed out for some reason. In this case having full access to the phone is pretty important. From our experience the WiFi issue is usually a symptom of a certain degree of water damage, which can be dealt with by installing a new WiFi chip. These are the most common iPhone repairs that can be accomplished by most repair shops in Mississauga;

  • Cracked LCD Screen
  • Unresponsive Home Button
  • Back Glass/ Housing Replacement
  • Microphone / Speaker phone volume issues
Getting Into DIY iPhone Repair

Probably the first thing that crosses your mind when you break your smartphone, whether it’s an iPhone 4S or the new iPhone 5S/5C, is “how much is this going to cost me?”. This is a fair questions, especially if you’ve had technology break or misbehave on you before, you know it can be totally random in terms of repair prices. A quick Google search for “iphone repair edmonton” will reveal a few different options, most within the same price range depending on your device and what is wrong with it. A broken iPhone screen is probably the most common issue, so you’ll see highly competitive prices within that range for the iPhone 4 and 5, but you might be wondering why newer phones cost way more. Visit our South Side Edmonton location for your iPhone repair needs today – click to visit website now

Most Edmonton screen repair shops order their parts from overseas. When a new model iPhone comes out, demand is much lower when compared to one that has been out for longer (people have been breaking those longer basically!). For this reason, prices are higher initially, but drop as demand picks up and incentive to lower the LCD replacement screen prices rises. These cell phone repair shops are not actually inflating prices, they are simply a victim of the natural marketplace for these type of electronic components.


With the release and hype surrounding the release of the iPhone 6 and 6+, tons of people are swarming local repair shops and Kijiji trying to trade in their ‘old’ iPhone 5 models hoping to subsidize the cost of a newer iPhone 6. While this may seem like a great idea and definitely a way to save money, there is even more money in the switch if you can repair simple iPhone hardware defects. Affordable parts in Winnipeg and the surrounding area can be found at – visit their website here

The initial iPhone 5 had known power/lock button and battery issues. To the average Apple use, these may seem fatal, but to anyone with some technical knowledge and a bit of YouTube tutorials, these can be fixed by a qualified iPhone repair business, or even yourself. Suddenly broken devices seem like an opportunity to make money re-selling them, and an iPhone 6 isn’t nearly as expensive as we think it is!


The iPhone 6 is out and without fail, people are dropping their phone, cracking the screen and wondering how to get it fixed – yes, already. Unfortunately, as with all previous models of the iPhone Apple has produced upgrading, replacing and even fixing any hardware aspect is pretty much not possible.

Of course far east markets have been filling the gap with OEM replacement components since the release of the original iPhone 2G, so it’s only a matter of time before a high quality front display complete with digitizer and tempered glass is produced. The down side of this is that it can take some time for the high quality parts to make it out and at a reasonable price. This leads to incredibly high, almost unreal prices initially which many people mistakenly believe is repair businesses taking advantage of high demand to make more profit. As each iPhone device has gotten more and more complex, using higher end materials has driven the price up for these type of after market parts which gets translated onto the end consumer in the case of the iPhone 6 – especially the tempered glass screen since its much bigger and thinner than the previous model. For up to date pricing and repair policies – check out our website. We strive to keep our prices as competitive and reasonable as possible.

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